Macmillan Children's Readers

A variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in six levels for children aged from 6 to 12 years old.

Fun, cultural and informative, this series of readers offers an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction titles that reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most primary courses.

Children will love the exciting adventures in stories such as Hide and Seek, A Hungry Visitor and A Thief in the Museum.

The Macmillan Children's Readers series can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course.

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Key Features

  • A picture dictionary (or wordlist) and activity pages are included at the back of each reader
  • The accompanying audio (on the Audio CD or downloadable from gives children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them
  • The blend of 'Fact Files' and topical fictional stories appeals to boys and girls equally
  • Free worksheets are available to download
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