Macmillan Collocation Dictionary

Dictionary of Collocations for Upper-intermediate to advanced students

The Macmillan Collocations Dictionary is designed for upper-intermediate to advanced students to help them write more natural and idiomatic English. The brand-new two-colour dictionary of collocations is the only collocations dictionary to be fully corpus-based, incorporating examples and semantic groupings.


The dictionary derives its information from a two billion-word corpus using leading edge software, with all entries drafted and edited by an expert team comprising the best ELT lexicographers in the UK.

Key Features

  • Collocations presented for over 4,500 carefully selected key words
  • Within each entry, collocations are grouped in semantic sets
  • Special focus on collocations frequent in academic and professional writing
  • Examples from real English show how collocations are used in context
  • Easy-to-use layout with all headwords printed in red
  • Usage boxes with grammatical notes, synonyms and alternative expressions
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