Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series

Vocabulary-focused practice books covering Geography and Science topics

Clear, concise and informative, the Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series Books and CD-ROMs help students to learn subject specific vocabulary by placing it in context. Created as an easy-to-use reference tool for students, each title in the series includes clear glossaries and motivating activities that practise the vocabulary in context. The subject-specific vocabulary is informed by the Macmillan School Dictionary curriculum corpus.


Keith Kelly

Key Features

  • Key subject-specific topic areas
  • Transparent topic glossary with key headwords, definitions and phonetic transcriptions of individual vocabulary items with examples in context.
  • Engaging practice exercises in each topic use the vocabulary at word, sentence and text level.
  • Clear diagrams visually represent different concepts.


In the recent HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Awards, theMacmillan Vocabulary Practice Series  was judged to be a "useful addition to a school library"

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