Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series

Vocabulary-focused practice books covering Geography and Science topics

Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series is designed to supplement students’ learning of English by providing clear vocabulary sets on the topics of geography and science.

The clear, concise and informative series of books and CDs, Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series is designed to help students learn subject-specific vocabulary. By placing vocabulary in context, students are able to make connections with grammar, learning how to use and apply language in real-world scenarios.


Keith Kelly

Key Features

  • ● This supplementary series is dynamic and adaptable, making it perfect for individual study or for use in class alongside any science or geography book.
  • ● A transparent topic glossary with key headwords, definitions and phonetic transcriptions offers students a bank of vocabulary items to study in context.
  • ● The Working with Words, Working with Sentences and Working with Texts sections encourage extra practice and help students consolidate new language and retain the skills they have learnt.
  • ● It can be used as a reference tool to help students look up words they may be having difficulty with.
  • ● Word-mapping tools, animations and pronunciation examples are included on an accompanying CD to provide students with more opportunity to practise and develop their vocabulary.


In the recent HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Awards, theMacmillan Vocabulary Practice Series  was judged to be a "useful addition to a school library"

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