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The Mind Series 2nd edition builds on the success of the first edition of this American English adult course, providing learners with professional, academic and personal skills. Language skills are systematically developed in the course alongside the 21st century skills that students need in order to have a better awareness of self and society, to handle the demands of their study and learning and to deal with challenges in their work and career.

The Mind Series 2nd edition, incorporating openMind and masterMind, offers a flexible combination of materials to ensure that students are learning from a variety of sources: content-rich reading texts, speaking and writing workshops, high-quality video, self-study Online Workbooks, Presentation Kit for Interactive Whiteboards, and new for 2016, a Digital Student's Book - offering a smart and versatile learning environment. To see a sample of the new Digital Student's Book, click on Unit 7: Think again! (Pages 69 - 78).

To see how Mind series 2nd edition can be used to prepare students for TOEIC and Cambridge exams, and to download mapping documents and a placement text, please visit our exams section.

For more information and to access the digital components, visit the new-look Mind Series 2nd edition website

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Also available in British English as Open Mind.


Mickey Rogers and Joanne Taylore-Knowles and Steve Taylore-Knowles and Ingrid Wisniewska and Dorothy Zemach

Key Features

  • Integrated and flexible online material from our new platform gives users the access to everything they need in one place
  • Life Skills syllabus recycles languages while giving students an opportunity to learn skills which are vital in today’s world
  • Highly visual double-page spread opens every unit with clear CEFR orientated unit objectives.
  • Grammar sections offer a step-by-step analysis of form and function
  • Support for speaking tasks with functional language
  • Speaking and Writing Workshops with self-and peer-assessment features at the end of alternate units
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