The Mind Series

An Adult American English course

Welcome to the Mind series - a six-level American English series based on the idea that for students to succeed in this dynamic and global world they need to become competent not only in English, but also in vital 'life skills' that apply to their academic, professional, and social lives.

The Mind series is made up of two distinct level groups: openMind and masterMindopenMind covers beginner to pre-intermediate levels and masterMindcovers intermediate and upper intermediate levels. They can be used together as one entire course or separately as program needs dictate.

The Mind series is supported by a website for students and It provides numerous additional resources, from online practice materials to digital presentation tools to printable resources, and even an interactive academic planning program. There is also additional online practice available from Macmillan Practice Online


Joanne Taylore-Knowles and Steve Taylore-Knowles and Mickey Rogers and Dorothy Zemach

Key Features

  • mindOnline - a powerful and practical online component for both teachers and students. Teachers will benefit from tools such as e-planners and test generators and students from the videos and interactive wordlists
  • the 'lifeSkills' sections in openMind and the 'masterSkills' section in masterMind recycle language while giving students the chance to learn skills that are vital in today's world
  • Thorough skills development - a carefully planned, graded four-skills syllabus with step-by-step development of sub-skills. Skills are integrated and practiced in 'Language Use' sections
  • 4-step grammar presentations - a clear, simple and memorable approach reinforced with lots of practice in the Workbook and mindOnline
  • CEFR benchmarked - 'Can do' statements and checklists throughout
  • Transparent methodology - communicative approach with deductive / inductive work, learner training, and systematic skills development
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