A down-to-earth course to Motivate! teenage students

Motivate is a 4-Level course designed specifically for teenage learners in mixed-ability classes, encouraging students to learn about the world around them and develop cultural awareness alongside academic skills.

Motivate! is a four-level well-balanced course for secondary school students. There is a sensible paced approach to teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four skills, with an emphasis on mixed abilities.

Each Student’s Book comes with a Digibook on a DVD-ROM. The Workbook with Audio CDs provides an outstanding recourse for additional practice and consolidation of materials taught in the Student’s Book. The Teacher’s Book comes with ready-made tests and a test generator, and provides comprehensive support and step-by-step guides to the teaching material in the Student’s Book.


Emma Heyderman and Fiona Mauchline and Patricia Reilly and Olivia Johnston and Patrick Howarth and Cathy Myers

Key Features

  • A systematic learning approach ensures that every student can succeed and make progress, with new grammar and vocabulary carefully phased into each unit.
  • Each unit contains reading texts and culture sections that are designed to increase students’ cultural awareness and familiarise them with aspects of life in English-speaking countries.
  • A dedicated CLIL section gives students the chance to frame their learning in a context that interests them.
  • Material from the Teacher’s Resource Pack can be adapted to the needs of each student, allowing teachers to personalise their students’ learning process.
  • Comprehensive teacher support, complete with teaching notes, tips and ideas, makes lesson preparations shorter and easier.
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