A flexible general English course for adults and young adults

Move offers a short topic-based unit structure ideal for short intensive or refresher courses. Using a discovery-based approach to vocabulary and grammar, Move emphasises achievable language acquisition and practice for learners with limited classroom time.

Move takes a discovery-based approach to lexis and grammar, with an emphasis on communicative language acquisition and practice. Each of the three topic-based modules per level contains 15 hours of core material, and can be easily extended using the additional resources in the Teacher's Book and on the CD-ROM. This makes Move the ideal course for use on short intensive courses, as well as on longer courses with fewer teaching hours.


William Bowler and Jon Hird and Angela Holman and Sue Kay and Peter Maggs and Bruce Milne and Rebecca Robb Benne and Barbara Webb

Key Features

  • Flexible course structure allows for content to be extended with extra resources and teaching notes from the Teacher’s Book.
  • Each unit contains a Language Study section that follows a guided discovery approach, including examples that encourage students to notice language use in the real context.
  • The Resource section includes worksheets for discussion lessons and extra language practice as well as placement, unit and module tests to support revision.
  • Dedicated Vocabulary sections include lexical sets and phrasal verbs, and encourage students to take note of how vocabulary is used in accompanying listening activities.
  • Review units at the end of each module offer stimulating additional practice, including Wordlists
  • and Reference Pages which students can use in or outside the classroom.
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