Next Move

Bringing the real world into the classroom

Next Move is the new edition of Next Stop and is a 7-level American English course for primary children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Next Move takes children on a language-learning and cultural journey to build not only their language awareness, but also their cross-cultural awareness.

Next Move has it's own website. Find out more at


Ms Amanda Cant and Mary Charrington and Sue Clarke and Anita Heald and Jessica Rayson and Rachel Finnie and Hans Mol and Viv Lambert

Key Features

  • Very transparent unit/lesson system, lessons are well signposted, showing what the aim of each lesson is and where it starts/finishes
  • Richly photographic and very modern-looking illustration styles
  • An entire lesson dedicated to phonics, followed up with a reading lesson that recycles target sounds
  • Interactive Classroom DVD for teachers including video, phonics animations and grammar chants
  • Stories illustrate a value that teachers can teach to children, helping children to broaden their civic education as well as their English
  • Non-fiction reading passages are presented in 1st Grade and continue throughout the entire course
  • Student's DVD-ROM featuring video and complementary interactivities and an enhanced parent's area
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