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Optimise is a fantastic new four-level exam preparation course designed to take students from A2 level right through to B2. The series will comprehensively prepare teenagers for international exams (Including First (FCE) for Schools) or local state exams, and follows the high standards set by the successful Macmillan Laser series.

Optimise's respected team, including authors Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylore-Knowles, and Course Consultant Karen Ludlow, share their exam expertise to ensure students achieve exam success. Each level follows a highly-supportive lesson structure which helps students to understand grammar, learn new vocabulary and develop the four skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), while at the same time preparing them for typical exam tasks.

The Optimise series includes the following print components for every level: Student's Book, Workbook, and Teacher's Book. The series also offers an extremely flexible digital package which includes a Digital Student's Book, eBook, Student's Resource Centre, Online Workbook, Teacher's Presentation Kit, Teacher's Resource Centre, and Test Generator. The Resource Centre hosts a variety of worksheets and tests designed to consolidate learning and enhance exam preparation.

Optimise Digital Demo

You can access a demo Digital Student's BookPresentation KitOnline Workbook   and Test Generator for the Optimise B1+ level here. You can also download free sample worksheets, audio, video and tests for one unit of the B1+ level. The worksheets and tests are PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader® to download and view them.

Download the Digital Demo


Steve Taylore-Knowles and Malcolm Mann

Key Features

  • Exam skill development in each lesson, with detailed advice on how to complete exam tasks effectively
  • Personalised tasks to foster 21st century skills, such as critical analysis, collaboration and learning strategies
  • Talk2Me videos in each Speaking lesson presenting functional language via an optional Flipped classroom approach 
  • Carefully-guided language and skills development, building learner confidence for everyday life, as well as in taking exams 
  • Extensive exam training and testing materials, including Speaking test videos, complete Practice tests and a 12-page Optimise your exams section 
  • Engaging and motivating content to support students in developing linguistic competence
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