Smile for Me

Smile for Me is a six-level course for young learners throughout the Middle East. Smile for Me aims to create an exciting environment for the development of language skills.

The four language skills are all developed from the outset with new structures and vocabulary thoroughly practised before new items are introduced. The course encourages children to work independently of the teacher from time to time and cooperatively with each other.

Pupils are given opportunities to become involved in tasks that activate different senses, encouraging them to work to their own particular strengths. They are also introduced to activities that involve recitation, movement and craft skills.

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Gabby Pritchard and Sue Mohamed and Charlotte Covill

Key Features

  • Appealing course characters and enjoyable stories
  • Gently graded syllabus
  • Cross-curricular topics including science, history and geography+
  • Poems, chants and songs to make pronunciation fun
  • Craft and movement activities to help children learn together
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