Survival English

English for work and travel

The New Edition Survival Series is for professional adults who need English for work and travel.

The series is based around real-life situations and gives students everything they need to survive in English. Topics cover key areas for the international business professional: Business, Socializing, Travel, Hotels, Money, Food and Drink and Communications.


Peter Viney

Key Features

  • Unique signposting with the topic icons
  • Provides teachers with a practical short-cut to communicative competence. Teachers are able to design a syllabus to suit their students’ needs. Students can work through the book chronologically or access the lessons by using the colour-coded topic icons: Business, Socialising, Communications, Travel, Hotels, Money, and Food and Drink.
  • Updated and modernised content and design with one-page per lesson format
  • This is one of the best-looking books around for professional people and easy-to-use giving students a real sense of achievement.
  • Free Audio CD in the Student’s Book
  • Allows students to listen to recordings at home to prepare for or follow-up a lesson.
  • Revised bilingual Wordlists for selected languages on
  • Allows easy access to a ready–made resource that teachers can customise to suit their students’ needs.
  • Additional Communication Activities
  • Provides realistic pair-work situations to practice in the ‘safety’ of a classroom.
  • Extra Cultural Files (one per lesson)
  • Adds value to learning the language by expanding the topic with a cultural context.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Files
  • Grammar Files summarise the key grammar points of the course and are also cross-referenced in the Practice Book.
  • Vocabulary Files - there are six per level, organised by topic, extending the vocabulary in the units.
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