Take Shape

Take Shape is a stimulating six-level primary series in American English. With a focus on real-world themes and opportunities for students to talk about their own realities and experience, Take Shape introduces language through a variety of content-rich contexts. The series emphasizes the development of the four skills and includes graded writing activities and a program of useful catchphrases to aid fluency. There is also a complete spelling program and integrated picture dictionaries that promote lexical development with a focus on high-frequency words.


Paul A. Davies and Viv Lambert and Kerry Powell and Hans Mol and Carol Skinner and Katherine Stannett and Dave Tucker and Jill Florent and Jain Cook and Sue Clarke and Patricia Cervantes and Hannah Cassidy

Key Features

  • Visually engaging Student Books with a practical and structured approach to language learning and in-built review and extension sections. Includes audio enhanced real-world e-Readers for class or home study
  • Workbooks that provide students with an understanding of form and meaning through carefully graded tasks and fun activities
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Editions with easy-to-follow instructions and objective-based extra activities
  • Class Audio CD containing all listening texts, songs, conversations, and spelling activities
  • A companion Teacher’s Resource CD containing easy-to-use digital features such as animated grammar presentations and projectable posters that help the teacher deliver dynamic and successful classes. It also includes progress tests and adaptable monthly planners
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