Real English, right now!

Tempo is a three-level course for young teenagers, offering real, natural English. The syllabus has been developed in accordance with the CEF, and the topics and stories reflect the students' own development. There is a strong visual element to make the material accessible and motivating, whilst the multi-strand syllabus ensures that students have a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary, communication, skills and culture.


Chris Barker

Key Features

  • Real, natural English is presented through true-to-life dialogues and texts  
  • Portfolio sections allow students to work collaboratively on projects and to build up a personal dossier about themselves and their interests 
  • Extra! activities and project work designed for the mixed-ability classroom
  • Regular revision and recycling of language to consolidate learning 
  • Self-assessment pages to give students a real sense of progression
  • Games, puzzles, cartoon strips and photo stories recycle language in fun contexts
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