Tests that teach

This popular series is designed to help improve student's exam performance and increase language competence. Exam-style exercises familiarise students with the tasks they will face in the exam. The guided answer key and model answers not only give the correct answers but also clearly explain why that is the correct answer in the context of the question.

Macmillan Practice Online is included with some components. It is a supplementary online course offering specific exam practice with automatic feedback for students, as well as a convenient markbook and reporting system for teachers.


Ms Patricia Aspinall and Anthea Bazin and Elaine Boyd and Amanda French and Mark Harrison and Sam McCarter and Judith Ash and Sarah Dymond and Nick Kenny and Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer and Rose Aravanis and B Stephens

Key Features

  • Each book has four practice tests for the relevant exam including audio for the listening parts. (Except TOEFL iBT which has three tests)
  • They can be used as mock exams or individual sections can be isolated for focused practice
  • Ideal for using in the classroom or for self-study
  • With Key and Without Key editions are available for KET /KET for Schools Testbuilder, PET /PET for Schools Testbuilder, First Certificate Testbuilder, CAE Testbuilder, and New Proficiency Testbuilder
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