Twist and Shout

A fun and lively course with a twist

Twist and Shout is an exciting six-level primary series in American English. It offers a carefully graded language and skills program. The series has beautifully illustrated characters that bring English to life and focused practice to ensure children progress successfully.

Please note that the Teacher's Visuals Pack may not be available to purchase everywhere. Please contact your local representatative for more information.


Viv Lambert

Key Features

  • The Student's Book is beautifully illustrated with clear language presentations, supported practice, and fun communicative games to help children feel confident taking their first steps in learning English
  • The Class Audio CD includes vocabulary models, dialogues, stories, songs and chants, plus exercises to be completed outside the classroom
  • The Teacher’s Edition provides step-by-step lesson notes, interleaved and in full color, with bonus teaching features and additional photocopiable unit tests
  • The Picture Posters and Cards include vocabulary cards and posters with full-color illustrations and supporting text to make presenting and practicing easy
  • The Teacher's Resource CD includes photocopiable Project Time activity sheets, festival lessons, extra tests and monthly teaching plans
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