Work Experience Diary

Ever wondered what it’s like to do work experience with a company? Read on to hear from Bram Wilshut from Holland, who recently spent some time with us at Macmillan Education and gives his insight into what it was like for him, and how this could help in his future career!
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My Impressions

Macmillan Education is a fantastic, open and kind company. When I first started my work experience, of course I was hesitant. However, this feeling quickly disappeared when I started working with people in different departments. In general, the Macmillan Education work environment is helpful and welcoming. For me the challenge was the communication between Holland and England before I started my time at Macmillan. I had to get a contract sorted out and this ended up taking too long, resulting in an extension of my time at Macmillan Education.


My university, for which I am required to do a two-month placement at an international company, was the reason I first started looking for work experience. When I got the opportunity to work at Macmillan Education, I immediately seized it.  As well as the fact that it’s such an interesting time in the publishing industry, working in London is fantastic. The city really added to my enjoyment as an intern at the company.

Design & Marketing

During my ten weeks at Macmillan I worked half of the time with the design team and half with the marketing department. The design team is responsible for the coordination of the design for all the books and products Macmillan Education produces. They set the guidelines to which the design studios should work. The marketing department is responsible for determining the global product marketing strategies as well as creating global and local product campaigns.

My project

During my time I worked on several projects, but here are some highlights from the biggest ones:
  • Constructing a business analysis report for the design team. It was a big research task, which involved interviewing several employees in the company
  • Creating a competitive analysis of the Dutch market. This was one of my first tasks in the marketing department. Because of my Dutch background and some knowledge of the Dutch educational publishing market, this was a fun and rewarding task
  • Building Excel templates. I had some experience working with Excel, but at Macmillan I greatly extended this knowledge while building a performance dashboard for some of their websites. This was fun to do and boosted my Excel skills, which will be very helpful in my future professional life

Added value

Working in London will always reflect positively on your CV, but the fact that I worked for such a large company, which had successful outcomes, could be excellent for my future career. The references that will now be available from staff I worked with at Macmillan Education are priceless. Also the work experience that I acquired during my time will greatly benefit my studies in the future. 


To conclude, I would definitively recommend work experience at Macmillan Education. I have enjoyed my time and it was very valuable. I have been in several companies during my studies and Macmillan Education was the most open and intelligent company I visited. If you choose to do your work experience here, you’ll get the chance to boost your skill area, enjoy a fabulous city and work with the friendliest staff I've ever encountered.

Bram Wilschut
Work Experience Participant 2016

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