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In today's highly-competitive labour market, it's more important than ever that the skills we provide our students with prepare them for the challenges ahead. Not only do we need to take them to the right level of achievement in English, we also need to activate their English in specific ways to prepare them for their current and future social, professional and academic lives.

In this webinar, Steve looks at how the Mind series, and the digital component Mind Online in particular, work with lifeskills to do just that.

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Steve Taylore-Knowles


Mind Online - full title to follow

Steve Taylore-Knowles has spent almost two decades in ELT as a writer, a trainer, an examiner and a teacher. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Warwick, and is a Licentiate of Trinity College, London. For a number of years he lived and worked in Greece, where he served on the Executive Board of TESOL Greece, and where he taught students and trained teachers at all levels, specialising in exam preparation. He has written a number of internationally successful courses, including the five-level Laser series for teenagers and the three-level Destination grammar and vocabulary series, both for Macmillan. His most recent courses to be launched globally are the sister courses openMind (Macmillan, 2010) and masterMind (Macmillan, 2011), which together comprise a ground-breaking multi-level series for young adults. He regularly lectures throughout the world on various aspects of ELT and speaking engagements have taken him to many countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. Steve is now based in his native county of Lancashire in the north of England, where he lives with wife Jo and young daughter Scout.