Lindsay Warwick - Switching on the lightbulb: getting students to come up with ideas


Who is it for?

This webinar is for teachers who would like to improve their students' thinking skills, with an emphasis on academic English.


Academic English can be very challenging for learners who find themselves having to get to grips with its formal style and the language that accompanies it. But it is not just what to say or write that learners find difficult when completing an academic task. Often, before they even get to this stage, they find themselves struggling to know what to say.


This webinar will focus on practical ways that a teacher can encourage learners to develop their thinking skills in and out of class so they are able to produce their own opinions and ideas in an academic setting which will help them to focus on developing their language skills beyond an intermediate level.

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Lindsay Warwick


Switching on the lightbulb: getting students to come up with ideas

Lindsay Warwick is a teacher and teacher trainer at Bell International College, Cambridge where many of her students are preparing for life in a British university. She has taught and trained in both Asia and Europe. She is a materials writer and co-author of Skillful Reading and Writing Level 4.