Luke Vyner: Sharing stories - The creative potential of storytelling in EFL


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Join teachers around the world to watch live talks from some of the biggest names in English language teaching.


Join ELT Author Luke Vyner for a creative and interactive webinar that looks at the age-old classroom technique of storytelling.

Luke's in-depth presentation will look at a brief history of storytelling in EFL. Featuring work of ELT practitioners who have championed this technique over the years, This webinar will focus on the pedagogical and learning benefits of storytelling. Looking at it from a very rudimentary perspective through to a more modern digital storytelling style.

Finally the webinar will give teachers and trainers a number of practical storytelling techniques and lesson examples to go off and explore with their own learners.


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Luke Vyner


Sharing stories - The creative potential of storytelling in EFL

Luke Vyner is a language teacher, author and songwriter. He teaches both English and Spanish and runs an educational audio production company called London Language Experience that write and design cinematic listening resources. He is particularly interested in promoting creativity in the classroom through the use of sound, music and traditional and digital storytelling techniques.