BESIG 2015

Grand Melia Hotel, Sitges, Catalonia, Spain

Who is it for?

ELT professionals, teachers and trainers working in business English.


Join us in Spain at the business English event of the year

This year Macmillan Education heads off to Sitges in sunny Spain for the 2015 BESIG Annual Conference, the largest Business English conference in Europe.

Join our authors and consultants Ed Pegg and Iain Collins at their interactive workshops (see below for more information) and come and see our new Teacher’s Presentation Kit for In Company 3.0 – a great tool to use on interactive whiteboards and an invaluable tool for online training for companies.

Ed Pegg

But that's not in the book!

Find out about this interactive workshop in Ed’s own words.

A few weeks ago, I taught an agile business consultant. Did you just google it? I had to. How can we teach someone when we’re only dimly aware of what they actually do?

In addition, as job titles and roles become ever more specific, where do we get material when companies protect their working documents so tightly?

This means that we're often reliant on published material but what do we do when none of this material matches the experience or needs of our clients exactly?

In this workshop, participants will investigate some of the challenges faced when learners appear with non-standard requests and will explore how existing material can be bent, supplemented and developed to satisfy even the strangest needs, even when you don’t know exactly what they are.

See Ed's bio here.


Iain Collins

The importance of lifeskills in the business classroom

This practical workshop will explain what life skills, otherwise called soft skills or people skills, are and the importance they hold within the context of international business. Participants will discuss the life skills being taught and shown ways to incorporate these life skills into their own business classrooms. Ideal for teachers looking to equip students with more than just the core business or language skills.

Examples will be taken from In Company 3.0 and The Business 2.0 video scenarios and audio.

Sample copies of The Business 2.0 or In Company 3.0 will be provided to participants at this workshop.