CELC 4th Symposium 2013

Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, National University of Singapore

Who is it for?

English language teachers.


The Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) invites colleagues from the world over to participate in its fourth international symposium for English language teachers. This symposium combines classroom-based research paper presentations, workshops, demonstrations, poster sessions, and colloquia to give presenters and participants an enriching professional experience.

The theme, Alternative Pedagogies in the English Language & Communication Classroom, focuses on a pedagogic inquiry into ways of teaching that respond to recent globalizing and cultural forces as well as technologies impacting instruction and learning. Beyond the 'best practices' approach, such inquiry urges participants and presenters to explore the interplay of theories and practices, particularly those which generates the production of knowledge informing classroom processes and practices. This line of inquiry also urges everyone to forge professional and institutional ties intended to promote a dialogue about and reflections on radical and innovative approaches to language and communication instruction.


Professor Christopher CANDLIN, Macquarie University

Keynote Speaker

Professor Ulla CONNOR, Indiana University

Keynote Speaker

Professor William GRABE, Northern Arizona University

Keynote Speaker

Professor Ann JOHNS, San Diego State University

Keynote Speaker