Different tribes: Learning from non-EFL professionals

Mike Riley

Who is it for?

The Macmillan Education Online Conference 2016 is open to all teachers and professionals working in ELT and is completely FREE to attend!


As teachers we are committed to developing our skill. We are so dedicated to helping our students that it can sometimes come as a shock to realise that there's more to life than teaching English! We all know that there are lots of things we can learn from other EFL professionals, but there is also much to be learnt from people working in other fields.

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Tuesday 8th November 2016

10.00-10.45 (GMT)

How do computer game designers keep improving their products? What can the training efforts of a professional sports team teach us about improving our skills? Can the wider business world help us become more efficient at getting things done?

During this talk Mike will pay a visit to some other interesting tribes and discover their secrets. So, leave the teaching behind for half an hour and see if you can find inspiration from others. 

Key learning outcomes

To become aware of the importance of teaching:

  • The interconnectedness between local and global issues
  • A sense of belonging to a common humanity
  • English as a Lingua Franca (as opposed to a Foreign Language)

About the speaker: Mike Riley

Mike joined the Teacher Professional Development team here at Macmillan Education in February. As Teacher Engagement Manager, he is involved in all of the aspects of teacher support, development and training. Prior to joining the team, Mike spent 15 years working in Italy as an English teacher, Director of Studies and finally Director at International House Milan. Although he misses the people, food and coffee that he enjoyed in Italy, he is glad to be back in his native England. 

A quick Q&A with Mike Riley

What inspired and continues to inspire you to talk on the work/life balance?  

Before becoming an English language teacher, I studied history. I’ve always got lots of inspiration from the lives of great men and women throughout history. I’ve found that many of the lessons they have to offer can be applied to the world of teaching English. As well as looking into the past, there are so many great stories of people doing great work in other fields too – and that’s where the inspiration for this talk came from.

What will people learn from you at the MEOC 2016?

From me? Not much! But hopefully they’ll find inspiration in the great work people are doing in other industries and areas of life. Good tips on how to get better as professionals.

Tell us about your latest/recent projects with Macmillan?  

As Teacher Engagement Manager at Macmillan Education, I’m involved in all aspects of the great support we offer teachers –from the Macmillan Books for Teachers and the fabulous onestopenglish to our new partnership with NILE.

What is your top tip or piece of advice for teachers?

- Firstly, always learn the students’ names as soon as you can!

- Secondly, remember it’s all about them (your students)!