eBELTE Conference

Study Group, 1 Billinton Way, Brighton BN1 4LF

Who is it for?

ELT specialists (language schools, FE colleges, university staff and diploma and Master students in ELT related areas, ESOL providers and state schools with overseas students.


eBELTE is an e-version of BELTE conference. The main focus will be on the tools used to deliver language learning, testing and management rather than the language itself as at regular BELTE. Book publishers, distributors, hard and software producers, authors, teacher support organisations will all be represented.


Michael Rundell

Michael has worked in the dictionary business since 1980. He got into dictionaries via ELT and has been involved in all the major developments of the last 25 years. Michael worked for a time at COBUILD during the earliest days of corpus lexicography, then for over 10 years as Managing Editor at Longman, before becoming Editor-in-Chief of dictionaries at Macmillan in 1998. As well as designing, editing and project-managing dictionaries, he has been involved in the design and collection of several major corpora, including the British National Corpus.