ETAS Professional Development Day

Baden, Switzerland

Who is it for?



A day of professional development at the ZIS Zürich International School. Special Interest Groups include: Business English, Cross-Cultural, Drama & Literature, English for Specific Purposeses, CLIL, Teacher Training and much more.


John Allison

Workshop: Developing the 'fifth skill' in Business English

Business English conferences, blogs and publications are seeing a growing interest in extending the scope of language teaching to include communication, cross-cultural, management, life and other 'soft' skills. Using examples of new classroom materials and activities taken from The Business 2.0, this workshop explores the challenges and benefits of developing 'soft' or 'people' skills alongside the four language skills. We will consider exactly what skills are involved, look at some practical ways they can be fostered in the classroom, and discuss the implications for teachers and schools.

John Allison has designed, sold and delivered professional English courses in France since 1980. After many years of squeezing in teaching between sales and management responsibilities, he is now happy to spend more time in the classroom as a teacher and teacher trainer. He takes a special interest in new technologies and blended learning. He is the author of In Company Case Studies with Mark Powell, and The Business Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced with Paul Emmerson, Jeremy Townend, Rachel Appleby and Edward de Chazal.