Online Conference 2015: Exam Skills

Who is it for?

For those who would like to relive any of the 2015 Online Conference or for those who missed webinars and would like to catch up.


To watch any of the 2015 Online Conference again click on the video below. The videos are in order so just click through to the webinars that you are interested in and enjoy!

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Anna Hasper

Preparing Young Learners for Exams

Anna Hasper • Young Learners

An interactive session exploring some of the key principles that underpin effective assessment, this webinar looks at how we can help young learners consolidate useful language in a fun way to improve their engagement in exam-style tasks, boost their motivation, and enhance their overall learning experience.

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Sam McCarter

Academic IELTS: Writing Tasks 1 & 2

Sam McCarter • All

Get fresh ideas for the writing component of the academic version of the IELTS exam with Sam McCarter. The focus of this webinar will be on techniques that teachers can use to help B2 level students on short courses increase organisational skills and accuracy ahead of their exams.

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Rebecca Robb Benne

Exam Training and Tips for Teenagers

Rebecca Robb Benne • Teens

Exam anxiety can be a big problem for students. But by focusing on long term training of skills rather than short-term cramming, students can be encouraged to approach exams with confidence. Using examples from Beyond, Rebecca Robb Benne looks at exam training and tips which will help your students to deal with common task types found in international exams.

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Dilys Silva

Excel in Exams with Macmillan Education

Dilys Silva • All

Exam preparation can be stressful. Join us as we go through a selection of interesting and motivating materials from Macmillan Education to help you take away some of your stress by making sure your students are fully prepared for their exams.

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