Harrogate International Conference Centre, Harrogate, UK

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With a programme of over 500 sessions, including symposiums, talks and workshops, the annual IATEFL conference offers professionals from all sectors of ELT the opportunity to meet leading theorists and writers, and find out all about the latest publications in the industry.


A big thank you from the Macmillan team to everyone who joined us for the 48th IATEFL Annual Conference and Exhibition! This year we headed to Harrogate to bring you 8 talks from some of the biggest names in ELT, a host of exclusive surprises and one unforgettable party.

Below you'll find video recordings from all of our talks from IATEFL 2014 as well as full details from this year's party, events on the stand and our free Survival Guide to Yorkshire. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Our IATEFL party  At the Stand  Speaker schedule

The Macmillan Party for IATEFL 2014

The Macmillan Party for IATEFL 2014

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2014 IATEFL Party!

Hosted in the stunning Royal Hall, over 450 people attended this year's event. Which means that thanks to ticket sales and all of your charitable donations, this year we raised over £2500 for our three charities. A big congratulations to everyone involved – we hope you all learned a few new life skills on the dance floor and enjoyed the party as much as we did!

Watch the video from our Macmillan party at IATEFL 2014:

Charity Information

All the proceeds raised from this year's party will be split between the following charities:

Book Aid International

Book Aid International Logo

Book Aid International works in partnership with libraries in Africa providing books, resources and training to support an environment in which reading for pleasure, study and lifelong learning can flourish. They provided over 500,000 new books to over 3,300 libraries last year alone and have sent more than 30 million books to partner libraries since 1954.

As an international educational publisher, Macmillan Education is delighted to support Book Aid International, which continues to give hope to those with little access to education.

Tomorrow’s People

Tomorrow's People Logo

Tomorrow’s People helps disadvantaged young people in the UK get into work by supporting them to gain new skills through a variety of programmes. They work with a wide range of people, from those living in isolated rural areas to those in inner-cities, to overcome barriers associated with finding and sustaining work.

With life skills as a key focus for Macmillan Education in 2014, the aim of Tomorrow’s People to empower young people and unemployed adults through the development of essential skills is one we are very proud to support.

IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme


The IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme helps the international ELT community reach out to teachers in parts of the world that need additional financial support. The IATEFL Advisory Committee invites applications for places on the scheme from teachers from countries with little educational provision.

For a second year running, Macmillan Education continues to sponsor the IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme in their mission to help teachers in developing countries with their professional development.

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World Record Breaking Attempt at IATEFL

In celebration of our life skills campaign, and as a special tribute to this year’s IATEFL Conference in Harrogate, this year the Macmillan Education team attempted to set a new official Guinness World Record for the most people spreading spread on scones simultaneously! Thanks to everyone who took part, we hope you all enjoyed the tasty results!

Read our Survival Guide to Yorkshire

To help prepare you for Harrogate, we've put together this handy survival guide especially for IATEFL 2014. Find out all about the local customs, language and culture in Yorkshire and take a look at our highlights for the week.


IATEFL Speaker Schedule

Wednesday 2nd April

Steve Taylore-Knowles: 'Study, work, life: developing transferable skills across domains'

10.40am - 11.25am (Queen’s 3)

Steve Taylore-Knowles photo

This workshop looks at key skills we all need to be effective in our academic, professional and social lives, with particular focus on those skills that are transferrable across the three domains. We will look together at the kind of scaffolding we can provide to make the acquisition of those skills in English more effective, using examples from the new young adult course, Open Mind.

Watch Steve's talk on YouTube

Ed Pegg: 'And what do you think? Listening management techniques'

14.05pm - 14.50pm (Queen's 3)

Ed Pegg photo

'What do you think about that?' may be a routine question in many meetings but it can terrify English learners who are struggling to understand the conversation.Using examples from In Company 3.0, this workshop will explore activities you can use to help learners listen more effectively and express themselves more confidently when it's their turn to speak.

Watch Ed's talk on YouTube

Lindsay Clandfield & Duncan Foord: 'Surviving language teaching'

15.05pm - 15.35pm (King's A)

Lindsay Clandfield photoDuncan Foord photo

What do teachers carry with them in their bags? How do they use body language effectively? What makes a successful staffroom? We've been exploring the questions that aren't always answered by your teacher training in our Survival Guide series on onestopenglish.com. Come along and find out what we discovered, as well as some tips on surviving an IATEFL conference!

Watch Lindsay and Duncan's talk on YouTube

Dave Tucker: 'How does grammar fit into a primary-sized head?' (YLT SIG day)

15:50pm - 16:35pm (Queen's 5)

Dave Tucker photo

The session will start with an overview of some entrenched views of grammar learning, and how these views are changing in the light of recent research into what happens in the brain of a child learning his/her native language, and how they absorb and store grammatical rules and vocabulary. We will then compare this with thought and learning processes in the brain that take place after children have gone beyond the age when this mother-tongue grammar learning process normally slows down and becomes a tuning process: i.e. more or less at the age when they start primary school.

Watch Dave's talk on YouTube

Thursday 3rd April

Louis Rogers: 'Teach me to study'

10.25am - 10.55am (Hall Qf)

Louis Rogers photo

Language learning is challenging and inevitably students seek magic bullets to propel them forward. One such bullet is arguably academic skills. Looking for tools to become skilled researchers, exam takers and critical thinkers, there is a wealth of material available to develop these skills. Using examples from Skillful, we'll consider how effective these materials are at helping students progress.

Watch Louis' talk on YouTube

Friday 4th April

Rebecca Robb Benne, Robert Campbell & Rob Metcalf: 'Teach Beyond – A new course for secondary'

10.25am - 10.55am (King’s A)

Rebecca Robb Benne photoRobert Campbell photoRob Metcalf photo

In today's changing world, secondary materials need to reflect the students' lives and prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Beyond is a new 6-level international secondary course that develops both linguistic and life skills. In this talk we'll present the course, its unique subskills syllabus, and the videos that bring its pages to life.

Watch Rebecca, Robert and Rob's talk on YouTube

Jeanne Perrett: 'Content, context and emotion in language teaching'

17.25pm to 18.10pm (Queen's 3)

Jeanne Perrett photo

Drama-based activities, songs and music impact significantly on memory, motivation and pronunciation. When dialogues, structures and vocabulary are contextualised, content becomes meaningful and memorable and this helps our students to learn to interpret context and speak and respond appropriately. They also encourage an emotional response to language and help to unify and unite our students whatever their abilities.

Watch Jeanne's talk on YouTube

Saturday 5th April

Luke & James Vyner: 'Transforming EFL listening materials'

12.15pm to 13.00pm (Hall Qf)

Luke Vyner photoJames Vyner photo

This interactive and creative workshop will look at ways in which we can use exciting and engaging narratives, skilled actors and appropriate sound design to transform the EFL Listening experience. Ideal for teachers, publishers and aspiring writers, the workshop will use examples from onestopenglish.com to deconstruct the process of creating evocative cinematic listening materials.

Watch Luke and James' talk on YouTube

For more information on last year's IATEFL event in Liverpool and to revisit some of our highlights from the conference, visit our IATEFL 2013 archive.