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Open to teaching professionals from all sectors of ELT, the annual IATEFL conference offers delegates an opportunity to meet leading educationalists, keep up-to-date with the latest ELT publishing and develop their teaching professionally through a programme of over 500 sessions, including symposiums, talks and workshops.


Macmillan Education were delighted to sponsor the 49th Annual IATEFL Conference and Exhibition in Manchester (11th-14th April).

Missed the conference? Catch up on our teachers at the heart celebrations, talks, and all the excitement from our Macmillan party!

Our IATEFL party At the stand Speaker schedule

The Macmillan Party for IATEFL 2015

Macmillan Party 2015

We hope everyone who attended our 2015 party had a mad ol' time to celebrate 150 years of Alice in Wonderland!

All your ticket donations have been matched by Macmillan Education. So thanks to your generous contributions we've managed to raise a grand total of £6120 for our three charities! Find out more about this year's selected charities and how your money is making a difference:

Find Your Feet

Find your feet logo

Find Your Feet is a charity dedicated to mobilising local knowledge, skills and resources to help rural families find sustainable solutions to hunger, poverty and discrimination. The charity currently supports development projects in areas including northern India, Malawi, Nepal and Zimbabwe.

Macmillan Education would like to make a donation to Find Your Feet in memory of Gywneth Fox, whose contribution to the Macmillan Dictionary team over many years has been critically important in helping us put Macmillan Dictionary on the map. She will be greatly missed by all of her colleagues at Macmillan.

The Friends of Della and Don

Fodad logo

The Friends of Della and Don (FODAD) is a small UK based charity whose mission is to help bring a long-lasting difference to the lives of those in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka, through the provision of education and skills, access to adequate healthcare, community facilities and meaningful, sustainable employment.

This is the second year that Macmillan Education sponsors FODAD and their continuing work over the past decade to support local communities affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme


The IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme helps the international ELT community reach out to teachers in parts of the world that need additional financial support. The IATEFL Advisory Committee invites applications for places on the scheme from teachers from countries with little educational provision.

For a third year running, Macmillan Education continues to sponsor the IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme in their mission to help teachers in developing countries with their professional development.


How your donations are helping ...

Since 2013, our annual party at IATEFL has raised money for various charitable causes and we're grateful for the continued support  from everyone attending the conference.

Last year's event raised over £2,500 for our three charities, with an additional 27,000 books donated by Macmillan to Book Aid International. This money has helped support projects all around the world, such as Open Doors in Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi, where new child-friendly library spaces are helping to improve the prospects for literacy and learning for thousands of children.

At the Macmillan Education Stand

Pronunciation Skills Workshops with Adrian Underhill

Pronunciation SkillsAs part of all our special activities on the stand, this year we were joined by the original pronunciation expert Adrian Underhill for two free workshops during the conference. Photos of our workshops, as well as all our activities on the stand, can be found on Facebook.

Missed our workshops? Not to worry, as now you can watch our YouTube playlist of videos featuring pronunciation tips from Adrian! Find brand-new accompanying activities to use in class over on onestopenglish with our new interactive phonemic charts.

 Teachers at the heart

Celebrating why you #loveteaching

As part of our campaign to celebrate teachers at the heart, throughout the week of IATEFL we invited you to get involved at  by sharing with us why you #loveteaching! To mark the celebrations, we launched a free 30-day trial of onestopenglish at the conference! Register on the site today to start your free month and find over 9,000 teaching resources to support your English language teaching.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be continuing to celebrate over on Facebook, so keep an eye out for more!


IATEFL Speaker Schedule

Saturday 11th April

Lulu Campbell photoLulu Campbell: 'Memorable, not memorized learning'

Most teachers have experienced the frustrating reality of seeing their students grasp and perfectly understand new language in class, only to forget it quickly afterwards. This session will explore a range of practical teaching and learning strategies and mnemonic devices teachers can use to specifically improve students’ ability to retrieve and retain, and to anchor new learning in their long-term memories.

Sunday 12th April

Robert Campbell photoRobert Campbell: 'Getting the most from video'

With video playing such an important part in teenagers’ lives and now a major feature of course books, how can we help students get the most from video both inside and outside the classroom? Using his experience of creating video material for the teenage course Beyond, in this workshop Robert Campbell explores ways of using ELT, ‘authentic’, and student-created videos.

Download the presentation slides

Mike Howard photoMike Howard: 'A teacher-centred approach to new technologies and blended learning'

The worlds of publishing, Edtech and language learning seem to be colliding and the results are polarising opinion. This talk aims to explore a middle ground that can harness the new technology and use it to empower teachers, giving them greater freedom and choice about how, what and where they teach.

Download the presentation slides

Dorothy Zemach photoDorothy Zemach: 'Teaching study skills to university students'

“They  should have learned study skills in school.” Yes – but what if they didn’t? University students sometimes arrive with brain power and drive, but without  the organisation and habits necessary for academic success. In this session, Dorothy Zemach demonstrates techniques for teaching academic study skills, using examples from Open Mind and Skillful  that teachers can easily adapt.

Monday 13th April

Viv Lambert and Mo Choy photoViv Lambert & Mo Choy: 'Is storytelling relevant in the 21st century Primary classroom?'

Storytelling is an ancient method of communication that is as old as mankind. In our digital age when the speed of communication is valued so highly, is storytelling still relevant? In this presentation, Story Central authors Viv Lambert & Mo Choy look at the enduring appeal of stories and the wealth of opportunities they offer for developing 21st century skills in the Primary classroom.

Download the presentation slides

Rob Metcalf photoRob Metcalf: 'Subskills: the key to unlocking texts'

What are subskills and why is it so important to teach them? Beyond author Rob Metcalf shows how a systematic focus on reading and listening subskills will give your students vital tools for making sense of different text types, and give you a framework for choosing and preparing your own supplementary material.


Ed Newbon photoEd Newbon: 'Critical thinking skills in English language teaching'

What is critical thinking and how can knowledge of it assist teachers to help their students achieve academic success? This workshop will examine the difference between lower and higher order critical thinking skills, using practical activities from Skillful and other ELT texts as examples for teaching critical thinking as part of EAP and foundation programmes.

Download the presentation slides

Tuesday 14th April

Carol Higho photoCarol Higho: 'Engaging, Fun Learning: helping students gain grammar and EFL skills'

50 minutes per class isn’t long to give children the chance to hear, practise and learn English. How do we make that time productive while also being fun and engaging, especially if children are working towards CE:YL exams? Using materials from Tiger Time, this sessions offers ideas on how to use  puppets, magazines and comics to engage young learners, while developing critical thinking and introducing CLIL as part of your EFL lesson.

Download the presentation slides

For information on last year's IATEFL event in Harrogate and to revisit some of our highlights from the conference, visit our IATEFL 2014 archive.