Who is it for?

Open to teaching professionals from all sectors of ELT, the annual IATEFL conference offers delegates an opportunity to meet leading educationalists, keep up-to-date with the latest ELT publishing and develop their teaching professionally through a programme of over 500 sessions, including symposiums, talks and workshops.


We are proud to be sponsoring the 52nd IATEFL event and conferences this year in Brighton. Do pop over to our stall with any questions you may have - and we would also welcome any feedback and ideas for our products!

Macmillan Education at IATEFL

Develop your teaching career with Macmillan Education

Make the most of IATFEL and the opportunity to develop your teaching career as we focus on providing you with resources, talks and training to help you boost your employability.

In the current working environment it is more important than ever that you have the people skills, life skills and employability skills to develop your career in what is an increasingly competitive environment. This year as part of Mind Series we have a whole host of resources to help you and your students improve employability.

Skills for work videos

Each skills for work video from Open Mind teaches a different employability skill. From interview skills to presentation skills and more, the videos and accompanying activities and teachers notes aim to help you and your students improve their ability to meet and surpass their career goals.

Teacher professional development

Throughout the week of IATEFL we'll be inviting you to get involved at our stand by sharing your top teaching tips with fellow teachers, as well as memorable anecdotes from your teaching career! We'd love to hear about your experiences of working with Macmillan. 

Last year Macmillan Education announced a global partnership with NILE. Stop by to discuss how NILE has been successful over the last year in helping teacher development.



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Mike Riley

Pop-up Presentation - Celebrating 175 Years of Macmillan (TBC)

Length: 15 Minutes

When: Tuesday 10th April 2018, 13:20 - 13:35

Grzegorz Spiewak

A new science of effectiveness - behind your classroom doors

Length: 30 Minutes

When: Tuesday 10th April 2018


Carol Read

Little sponges? Child development and early foreign language learning

Length: 30 Minutes

When: Wednesday 11th April 2018


John Cruft

Should gaming and education come together? A case for gamification

Length: 30 Minutes

When: Thursday 12th April 2018


Russell Stannard

Developing learner independence through online platforms

Length: 45 Minutes

When: Thursday 12th April 2018


Stella Cottrell

Future for study skills integrated with English for academic purposes

Length: 30 Minutes

When: Thursday 12th April 2018


Louise Connolly

Let's cooperate through mini projects!

Length: 30 Minutes

When: Thursday 12th April 2018