Who is it for?

Open to teaching professionals from all sectors of ELT, the Annual IATEFL Conference offers delegates an opportunity to meet leading educationalists, keep up-to-date with the latest ELT publishing and develop their teaching professionally through a programme of over 500 sessions, including symposiums, talks and workshops.


We are proud to sponsor the 52nd Annual IATEFL Conference this year in Brighton. This is a special year for us as we celebrate 175 years since Macmillan Publishers was founded. What better place to celebrate the Macmillan brothers' vision and commitment to learning and innovation than with everyone at one of the most important events in the ELT calendar?

We hope to see you at stand no. 68 to say hello, take part in our activities, ask us any questions or provide us with any feedback or ideas you would like to share.


Our Talks and Activities

Make the most of IATEFL by joining our authors and ELT experts over the 3 days for engaging talks and come to stand 68 to take part in our fun birthday activities.



Mike Riley

Pop-up Presentation - ELT in 2043

Where: Exhibition Hall 

When: Tuesday 10th April 2018, 1.20 pm - 1.35 pm

Grzegorz Spiewak

A new science of effectiveness - behind your classroom doors

Where: Durham

When: Tuesday 10th April 2018, 3.55 pm - 4.25 pm

Abstract: How do you prepare a really effective class for your (young) adult language learners? You’ll test your intuition about what works and what doesn’t against some solid research results, and then sample several tried-and-tested activity types and techniques - including examples from Open Mind -for how to begin an impactful class, carry it out, and evaluate its impact.   


175 Years of Macmillan – Celebrating with cake and bubbles 

Where: Stand 68

When: Tuesday 10th April, 4.25 pm - 4.55 pm 




 Carol Read  

Little sponges? Child development and early foreign language learning

Where: Cambridge

When: Wednesday 11th April 2018, 10.20 am - 10.50 am

Abstract: Despite contrary evidence from research, teaching English to young children is happening anyway on an increasingly global scale. This talk explores the pros and cons of the early introduction of English and proposes how to optimize learning by contributing to the attainment of holistic child development goals that characterize pre-school. It also questions the assumptions underlying a narrow language-driven approach. 



Flipped learning for low-tech classes

Where: Room 9 

When: Wednesday 11th April 2018, 10.20 am - 10.50 am 


SCHOLARSHIP WINNER - Julia Alivertis  

Do androids dream of electric sheep? ELT and digital empathy.

Where: Room 10 

When: Wednesday 11th April 2018, 12.05 pm - 12.50 pm 


175 Years of Macmillan – Celebrating with fun and games

Where: Stand 68

When: Wednesday 11th April, 3.30 pm- 4.00 pm 





Louise Connolly

Let's cooperate through mini projects!

Where: Auditorium 2

When: Thursday 12th April 2018, 11.05 am - 11.35 am

Abstract: Children are social beings but they don’t always know how to work together to accomplish shared goals. Mini projects provide an excellent medium in which to develop cooperative skills over time. This talk, which includes examples from Give Me Five!, will provide practical model projects as well as ideas for encouraging children to share responsibility for completing the projects.  


John Cruft

Should gaming and education come together? A case for gamification

Where: Balmoral

When: Thursday 12th April 2018, 12.50 pm - 1.20 pm

Abstract: There is much debate surrounding the use of gamification in education. This session will explore the role, importance and challenges of gamification in the primary classroom. Using example platforms - including Navio - and practical tools, this session will put forward an argument for a ‘teacher-friendly’ gamification framework that can support learning outcomes and our course objectives.


175 Years of Macmillan – Prize Draw time!  

Where: Stand 68

When: Thursday 12th April, 1.20 pm - 2.20pm


Stella Cottrell

Future for study skills integrated with English for academic purposes

Where: Balmoral

When: Thursday 12th April 2018, 3.20 pm - 3.50 pm

Abstract: Both theoretical and practical, this talk – which references The Palgrave Student Planner - considers how study skills integrated into EAP can further prepare students to succeed in higher education. We will consider how research into students’ learning and broader experience in today’s universities could inform the future skills curriculum of EAP, to better assist students’ autonomy, resilience and learning. 


Russell Stannard

Developing learner independence through online platforms

Where: Balmoral

When: Thursday 12th April 2018, 5.05 pm - 5.50 pm

Abstract: This workshop looks at how language learning platforms can develop learner independence. Drawing on his own language learning, Russell will share practical tips on encouraging students to make effective use of platforms, such as Macmillan English Campus. He will conclude with a look at how a creative approach to giving feedback on these activities can further enhance learner autonomy.