Online Conference 2015: Life Skills

Who is it for?

For those who would like to relive the 2015 Online Conference or for those who missed webinars and would like to catch up.


To watch any of the 2015 Online Conference webinars again click on the video below. The videos are in order so just click through to the webinars that you are interested in and enjoy!

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Dave Spencer

Life Skills: The Gateway to the Future

Dave Spencer • Teens

One of the great pleasures and challenges of teaching teenagers is that we are not only helping them to learn English but also preparing them for their new life after school. From preparing food to managing your time, this session looks at how to teach a variety of 21st Century Skills relevant to teens and offers an exclusive preview of Gateway 2nd Edition.

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Dorothy Zemach

Life Skills: Managing your Digital Life

Dorothy Zemach • All

Students spend hours online – reading, researching, accessing course sites and study materials, interacting in English. But they aren’t always using their time wisely. This session covers practical techniques for teaching students how to manage their digital lives more effectively and navigate the sea of information available online.

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Emma Sue Prince

Building Confidence in Yourself and Others

Emma Sue Prince • All


A confident teacher will promote confident and effective learning. So, just how do you become more confident? This webinar will explore where confidence comes from and how each of us can strengthen it through stronger self-awareness and willingness to learn from mistakes.

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Carol Read

Life Skills for Young Learners

Carol Read • Young Learners


In this webinar we will explore a range of practical ideas to develop life skills with young learners such as intercultural competence, learner autonomy, values education, thinking skills, and respect for diversity. Using examples from Tiger Time the main focus will be on activities and procedures that are easy to adapt and implement in your own classroom.