NileTESOL 2015

The American University, Cairo

Who is it for?

The conference welcomes attendance from all ELT professionals. For more information about registration, visit the NileTESOL Conference website.


Join the Macmillan Education team in Egypt for the 19th annual NileTESOL Conference. Under the theme of "Creative Communities: Inspiring Teaching and Ownership of Learning", this year's conference aims to encourage teachers to take on new challenges, giving ELT professionals the opportunity to come together to share ideas and inspiration.


Ed Newbon

Monday, January 26th, 1.00-1.45pm (M. El Alfy Hall)

Blended Learning in ELT: What is next?

Blended learning is a term which has been used for nearly two decades but with recent technological developments such as smartphones, tablets, which combined with higher internet speed, can allow for learning to take place anywhere. Digital materials will be looked at and future developments will be discussed.

Nehal Okba

Tuesday, January 27th, 12.00-12.45pm (P007 CC)

Community Language Learning

The learning-communities approach fits with the growing emphasis on lifelong learning, which can naturally be extended beyond the classroom walls. There is every reason for a learning community to include parents and members of the wider society in communities that are trying to understand and deal with social and political ideas and issues. CLL is one of the so-called ‘designer’ methods which arose in the flurry of methodological experimentation in the 1970’s. One of the key ideas is that it is the students who determine what is to be learned, so that the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator and support. Perhaps the enduring value of CLL has been its emphasis on whole-person learning; the role of a supportive, non-judgmental teacher; the passing of responsibility for learning to the learners (where it belongs); and the abolition of a pre-planned syllabus.