Online Conference 2015: Saturday Special

Who is it for?

For those who would like to relive the 2015 Online Conference or for those who missed webinars and would like to catch up.


To watch any of the 2015 Online Conference again, click on the video below. The videos are in order so just click through to the webinars that you are interested in and enjoy!

You can also download each author's presentations by clicking on the links next to their name.



Mike Dodsworth

Happy Birthday Alice! Using Readers and Stories to Motivate Learners

Mike Dodsworth • Young Learners / Teens


Using the text and characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Storyteller Mike Dodsworth shows you examples of drama-based activities that can be used as 5 minute fillers for warm-up/wrap-ups, as main lesson activities or for special events, exploring ways of using Readers and Stories to motivate learners to use their spoken English.

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Michael Rundell

Absurd Alice and Humour in the English Language

Michael Rundell • All


What makes English-speakers laugh? If there is such a thing as a distinctively “English” sense of humour, then the Alice books are a good place to start. From idioms and word-play to the use of irony and understatement, Michael Rundell provides a broad overview of English humour, and discusses how far it is possible to “teach humour”.

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Mike Dodsworth

Winning Wonderlands: Live Short Storytelling

Mike Dodsworth • All


Concluding our Wonderland Special, Storyteller Mike Dodsworth returns for a final storytelling session featuring the winning entries from our 2015 Macmillan Readers Short Story Competition: Write About Your Wonderland!

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