Songs and Music in the EFL Classroom

Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014

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The Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014 is open to all teachers and professionals working in ELT and is completely FREE to attend!


Part of the Young Learners session at the Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014, this webinar explores ways in which songs can help us boost our students' expression in English.

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Songs and Music in the EFL Classroom, with Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Wednesday 12th November 2014: 12.00-12.45 (GMT)

What is it about songs that makes them such a powerful teaching tool? In this session, I will be sharing with you some tried and tested—as well as very innovative—ways in which songs can help us boost our students’ expression in English.  

About the speaker: Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as educational administrator, teacher educator and materials writer. A frequent presenter at professional conferences and events, Gabriel has shared his teaching story with colleagues in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Far East. He currently works at The New School University in New York, where he is Director of Language Learning and Teaching. He is the proud co-author of Happy Campers – Level 5 Student’s Book and Happy Campers – Level 6 Teachers’ Guide.

Here, Gabriel tells us more about his work and what you will learn from him at MEOC2014.

What will people learn from your webinar?

I hope they get a few novel ideas on how to use songs to enhance their students’ language development and also, that they have fun during the session.

Tell us about your latest projects with Macmillan Education?

I have just finished co-authoring Happy Campers Level 5. This series was a wonderful project that allowed me to go back to my days teaching young learners. The series’ storyline, the songs, the projects and the many other materials made the writing process truly a joy! I cannot wait for our book to come out in January 2015.

What inspired and continues to inspire you to work in ELT?

Students are what drive my motivation to remain in the field. Teaching is  a creative and artistic process, and students are the canvas upon which we express ourselves!

If you could have written one book what would it be?

I would have written an autobiography of my life as a teacher. I have been very fortunate to have taught not only all age ranges (3-90+) but also through so many different methodologies: Audiolingual and Audiovisual, Community Language Learning, The Silent Way, Suggestopedia, TPR, Content-based Instructrion, early CLT, TBL etc. and I am still experimenting with new approaches.

Gabriel's top teaching tip

If it can be set to music, then say it with a tune!