Online Conference 2015: Speaking Skills

Who is it for?

For those who would like to relive the 2015 online conference or for those who missed webinars and would like to catch up.


To watch any of the 2015 Online Conference again click on the video below. The videos are in order so just click through to the webinars that you are interested in and enjoy!

You can also download each author's presentations by clicking on the links next to their name.



  Carol Noakes 

Engaging Audiences & Delivering Presentations

Carol Noakes • Adult/Business


Presenting and public speaking skills are key to career success. Join public voice coach Carol Noakes and learn how to express ideas simply and clearly, to engage the audience and to bring material to life.

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Chris Rose

Stories to Make You Think

Chris Rose • Teens / Adult


A thought-provoking webinar about the power and purpose of storytelling, Chris Rose discusses how the best stories make us ask questions. Listen for new ideas and short stories to get you – and your learners – pondering, arguing and wondering! 

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Viv Lambert

10 Top Tips to Get Kids Talking

Viv Lambert • Young Learners


Story Central author Viv Lambert shares her top ten tips for successful speaking activities with young learners, using practical examples that you can take away to help children build confidence in speaking.

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Michael Rundell

Top Tips for Building Vocabulary

Michael Rundell • All


If you thought dictionaries were just about telling you what words mean, think again. Editor-in-Chief Michael Rundell offers a whistle-stop tour of vocabulary-building tools and resources from the Macmillan Dictionary Online to support teachers and learners.

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