Online Conference 2015: Teaching Skills

Who is it for?

For those who would like to relive any of the 2015 Online Conference or for those who missed webinars and would like to catch up.


To watch any of the 2015 Online Conference again click on the video below. The videos are in order so just click through to the webinars that you are interested in and enjoy!

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Philip Prowse

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Philip Prowse • All


Motivation and discipline problems loom large in the lives of many teachers, not just those dealing with teenagers. In this workshop Philip Prowse looks at the nuts and bolts of creating a positive environment, focusing particularly on the influence the teacher’s own choice of language can have in the classroom.

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Online Conference

Teaching Pronunciation Skills

Adrian Underhill • All


Pronunciation Skills expert Adrian Underhill presents a lively webinar to offer new techniques to teach pronunciation in the context of speaking, listening and learning new vocabulary, while showcasing how to use the Sounds app with your students.

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Scott Thornbury

Answering Learners Questions

Scott Thornbury • All


How should we answer difficult student questions? Questions that often challenge teachers’ knowledge about the systems, structures and uses of English? In this talk, Scott Thornbury offers some strategies for dealing with the kinds of questions that students typically ask.

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Sarah Milligan

Elevate Your Teaching with Onestopenglish

Sarah Milligan • All


From technology to time travel, onestopenglish has always provided a plethora of downloadable resources. Join Commissioining Editor Sarah Milligan for a whirlwind tour of what we have to support you in your own professional development and to make your lessons entertaining and informative for your students.

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