Teaching towards the YLEs - Katie Foufouti


Who is it for?

Join teachers around the world to watch live talks from some of the biggest names in English language teaching.


This webinar is ideal for both inexperienced and experienced teachers who teach young learners aged 7-12 and who want to prepare them for an English exam such as the Cambridge YLEs (Starters, Movers and Flyers). It is also addressed to teachers who are interested in assessment in and outside the classroom.

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Assessment is an important part of learning. It helps learners identify their weaknesses and strengths, and it gives them a goal to strive for. Young learners’ language skills are frequently assessed both when students are in class with ‘unofficial’ tests and when they sit exams run by institutions. Preparation can often be a stressful process for both students and teachers.

This webinar hopes to offer practical ideas to  use in class while at the same time answer the following questions:

  • How can we make assessment  friendly and enjoyable for our students?
  • How can we prepare our students  effectively for the big day of the exam?

During the webinar, material will be used from the new YLE Skills course.

About the presenter: Katie Foufouti has been working as an EFL teacher and an ELT materials editor since 2007. She has taught students of all ages and levels in southern Spain as well as Greece and Bulgaria. She has experience in preparing candidates for the Cambridge Suite exams and has a special interest in Young Learners and assessment. She now spends most of her time writing (print and digital) English language learning materials mainly for Young Learners.