Ten Top Tips for Business English

Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014

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The Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014 is open to all teachers and professionals working in ELT and is completely FREE to attend!


Part of the Business session at the Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014, this webinar will provide teachers of Business English with 10 practical teaching tips and ready-made activities that can be tried out in class the very next day!

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Ten Top Tips for Business English, with Paul Emmerson

Tuesday 11th November 2014: 12.00-12.45 (GMT)

Here are my ten top teaching tips, based on 20 years’ experience as a Business English teacher. They are not bland, general pieces of advice. Instead they are practical, specific activities to try in class tomorrow morning. They cover things like using authentic texts, motivation, language feedback, intercultural awareness and pronunciation. Nearly all will be useful to General English teachers as well as Business English teachers.

About the speaker: Paul Emmerson

Paul Emmerson works as a writer, teacher, teacher trainer and website owner. He is the author of many Business English books published by Macmillan, such as Email English, Business Grammar Builder and Business Vocabulary Builder. When he is not writing, Paul teaches at The English Language Centre, Brighton. Here he also runs a two-week BE teacher-training course.Paul has two Masters degrees, including an MA in Applied Linguistics, and is a regular presenter at international conferences.

Useful reading:

Here, Paul tells us more about his work and what you will learn from him at MEOC2014:  

What will people learn from your webinar?

Practical tips and techniques to use in class tomorrow morning.

Tell us about  your latest projects with Macmillan Education?

I worked on Email English 2nd edition.

What  inspired and continues to inspire you to work in ELT?

The insights I get into my students’ professional worlds; having interesting discussions with them and helping them advance in their careers.

If  you could have written one book what would it be?

For non-ELT books I would like to have written either The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker or Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

Paul's top teaching tip

Tune in on November 11th and find out!