TESOL Arabia 2015

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai

Who is it for?

This conference is open to attend by all ELT professionals, offering teachers the opportunity develop professionally through a programme of sessions and talks led by international ELT experts.


Join authors Jeanne Perret (Learning Stars), Viv Lambert (Story Central) and the Macmillan Education team at the 21st TESOL Arabia International Conference and Exhibition. This biggest ELT conference in the region, this year's event is themed around teaching and learning in the digital world. Visit the TESOL Arabia website for full details of the schedule.


Jo Grieg

Thursday 12th March, 3.30pm-4pm, Sapphire

Bringing Reading to Life

Ed Newbon

Thursday 12th March, 4.30pm – 5pm, Emerald

Blended Learning in ELT, what is next?

Has the time now arrived when the ELT classroom is now longer restricted to the physical classroom and in which English Language Learning can truly take place anytime and anywhere? In this workshop the current definition of the terms “blended learning” and “flipped classroom” will be explored. The role of blended learning in English Language teaching will be discussed with examples from case studies, along with the chance for delegates to have a “hands on experience” of recently published digital material.

Jeanne Perrett

Friday 13th March, 3.30pm-4pm, Crystal Ballroom B

The 3 Ps: Puppets, Plays and Performance

Children naturally like to act out real life situations; it helps them to understand what is going on, what is expected of them and how other people react and feel. So we can use this natural inclination towards drama in our language lessons. By dramatizing language we add context to whatever we are teaching and make it more dynamic, memorable and effective.

Viv Lambert

Saturday 14th March, 10.30-11am, Diamond 1

Storytelling in the 21st Century

This session begins with a brief discussion about the long-acknowledged value of using stories in the Primary ELT classroom, whether stories from coursebooks, readers, ‘real’ books or the children’s own stories and anecdotes. Storytelling provides an ideal starting point for language learning with children and is still an important form of communication in today’s fast-paced world. Using examples from Story Central, this session explores different ways of using stories in the classroom to engage a child’s imagination and allow them to learn valuable life skills and critical thinking skills.