The Wonderful World of Word Associations 2

The Globe English Centre, 31st St Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 4DA

Who is it for?

DDOSA Members and Non-members


Recent research into the way that words are organised in the human brain provides us with useful insights into the associations between words, the relationships between word storage and pronunciation, and how we should approach the the teaching of vocabulary. 

For further details and to register for the workshop, please contact Su Woodwards at or 01225 383 139.


Phillip Kerr

The Wonderful World of Word Associations

Philip Kerr has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, lecturer, educational manager and writer of educational materials. He has lived and worked in the UK, Morocco, Spain and Belgium, and he has presented at conferences and run teacher training courses in more than 25 countries around the world. He currently lives in Brussels. His publications include the coursebook series Straightforward, Inside out and Matura Masters.