Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014

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The Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014 is open to all teachers and professionals working in ELT and is completely FREE to attend!


Part of the Secondary session at the Macmillan Education Online Conference 2014, this webinar is designed to help teachers better understand how they can bring multimedia into the classroom to help develop their students' digital literacy.

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Using Multimedia in the Classroom with Robert Campbell

Wednesday 12th November 2014: 11.00-11.45 (GMT)

With multimedia playing such an important part in teenagers' lives today, how can we use multimedia in the classroom to make learning more meaningful and motivating while at the same time helping to develop our students' digital literacy?

In this webinar we'll be looking at some simple ways to bring technology into the classroom as well as exploring the wide range of multimedia that today's course books offer the tech-savvy and not-so-tech-savvy teacher.

About Robert Campbell

Robert has worked as a teacher, an ELT magazine editor, and an author. He is one of the co-authors of Beyond, Macmillan’s new international secondary course. He is also one of the co-authors of the secondary course English in Motion (Richmond Publishing).  

Robert has written several readers including Owl Hall (Macmillan); finalist in the 2013 ELTon Awards for innovation in learner resources and the Extensive Reading Foundation Learner Literature Awards. In 2013 he won a Learner Literature Award for his reader The Green Room (Helbling). Find out more about Robert on his website.

Here, Robert tells us more about his work and what you will learn from him at MEOC2014.  

What will people learn from your webinar?

I hope they’ll learn that you don’t need to have access to a lot of technology or be particularly tech-savvy to use multimedia in the classroom. I also hope they’ll learn something about what publishers are currently doing for teachers in the world of multimedia. I’m hoping to learn a few things in that area too.

Tell us about your latest/recent projects with Macmillan Education?

We’re completing work on Beyond at the moment. Two levels have already been published and all six levels will be available in 2015. It’s been an amazing experience writing the course with Rebecca Robb Benne and Rob Metcalf. I’m really proud of the course and the videos. It’s been an intense few years so I’m hoping to take some time off next and then maybe write a new reader.

What inspired and continues to inspire you to work in ELT?

Ever since I started teaching I’ve been creating activities and sharing them with other teachers. The great thing about writing ELT material is the diversity. Firstly, there are all the different types of material you have to write. You can be writing a video script one moment and then writing a short story or a language exercise the next. Then there’s the range of teachers and students you’re writing for. I’ve always tried to write teaching material that will appeal to both the teacher and students. It’s a challenge that I love.

If you could have written one book what would it be?

That’s a difficult question; I can think of lots of songs I wish I’d written. ‘Ne me quitte pas’ by Jacques Brel. I wish I’d written that song.

Robert's top teaching tip

Keep calm. When you use any type of technology you have to be prepared for something to go wrong. Always have a Plan B. Having said that, I’m not sure what my Plan B will be if the webinar software fails!