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Straightforward 2nd edition

Straightforward has been updated in this second edition, with the content being extended to be more relevant to our ever-changing world. New topics, articles and exercises appear within a fresh new design and a new split edition is now available. The course is easy to use for teachers and students who need a course they can pick up and go with and the split edition makes it ideal for short courses.

Below you'll find mapping documents showing how different levels of Straightforward 2nd edition split version can be used to prepare students for their Trinity GESE exam.

Exams Mapping

Trinity GESE

Trinity’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) provide a reliable and valid scheme of assessment through which learners and teachers can measure progress and development, whether for educational and vocational purposes or as a leisure activity.

Teachers and educators can refer to the mapping documents below  to see how Straightforward 2nd edition split version can be used to help prepare their learners for the Trinity GESE exams. Find out more.

Starter Level

Starter Level - GESE Grade 1  Starter Level - GESE Grade 2

Level 1A

Level 1A - GESE Grade 3  Level 1A - GESE Grade 4

Level 1B

Level 1B - GESE Grade 4  Level 1B - GESE Grade 5

Level 2A

Level 2A - GESE Grade 5  Level 2A - GESE Grade 6

Level 2B

Level 2B - GESE Grade 6

Level 3B

Level 3B - GESE Grade 7  Level 3B - GESE Grade 8

Level 4A

Level 4A - GESE Grade 8  Level 4A - GESE Grade 9

Level 4B

Level 4B - GESE Grade 10  Level 4B - GESE Grade 11