Our Brand Story

Celebrating a new Macmillan Education

A little over 170 years ago, the Macmillan brothers set up a small publishing company in the UK. Since then, the pioneering spirit of Macmillan and the reputation for quality we’ve built over the years has meant we’ve been able to build lasting relationships with thousands of teachers, students and institutions in over 130 countries.

Education is always evolving and we’re evolving with it at Macmillan Education. The latest evolution is the way we look and what we offer our teachers and learners.

A new brand for a new era

From this November and throughout 2015, we’re going to be celebrating  the new Macmillan Education. The resources, service and training that our teachers know us for will continue to be a big part of what we do. In addition, we’ll be working closely with other divisions and focussing more on being a publisher prepared for a new era of education.

Our new branding isn’t just about making us look pretty. It’s about reflecting the fact that we’re a modern, forward-thinking publisher embracing new ways to support our teachers and learners. It’s about investing in digital to fit our teachers’ and students’ way of life in the 21st century, without forgetting the quality content and pedagogy that our teachers expect from us.

Our new logo is a symbol guaranteeing that everything we publish will be underpinned by four themes:                                                                                   

High Quality

Based on sound pedagogy and created by the top specialists in their fields and disciplines


Accessible whether you are a student or teacher, working with textbooks or with digital learning platforms


Relevant to your culture, to your learning stage and to your discipline


Brings subjects to life and enhances the teaching and learning experience

The new Macmillan Education is also about reflecting the changes that are going on at our heart too. Macmillan Education has been the name associated with engaging, high-quality print and digital English Language Teaching materials for decades. Now it’s also the name associated with some of the bestselling academic textbooks available as well as with award-winning school curriculum publishing.

So, whether it's a child learning their first words of English, a class engaging with their local curriculum or a university students writing their first thesis,  Macmillan Education can be there with learners, teachers and institutions at every step of their learning journey.