• Guide to Learning Management Systems

  • Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are a software environment for learning and learner management. They allow students to access learning content from anywhere online via a web browser, and administrators to manage students, classes and courses.

    LMSs are used by a wide range of learning providers, including universities, private language schools and corporate training providers. They can be used to provide self-contained distance learning courses, or to enhance and support classroom-based learning.

    There are a wide range of LMSs, from freely-available open source platforms such as the well-know Moodle, to commercial LMSs such as Blackboard. All of the major LMSs support a standard known as SCORM, which allows third-party content providers, such as Macmillan, to provide content that can simply be ‘plugged-in’ to work seamlessly with the LMS.

    Benefits of Learning Management Systems

    One of the major benefits of using Macmillan content in a Learning Management System is the ability to provide a fully blended language learning experience for your students. 

    What do we mean by this?

    Imagine a student comes to class for an hour and studies a module from the Global general English course. Later that day they visit a coffee shop with Wifi access, login to your LMS on their laptop, and carry on with their Global studies, practising the grammar they studied that morning. They can then submit that work, and you can view their marks and progress through the unit.

    This is just one of the many benefits of using Macmillan content in your LMS to deliver language learning.

    Others include:

    - Easily import ready-made, pedagogically-sound content into your LMS, linked to courses already being followed by your students in class. No more hours spent creating your own activities, or searching on the internet for content you can adapt.
    - Teachers can easily monitor their students’ progress through the Markbook functionality included in the LMS. Macmillan content is designed to fully communicate with LMS Markbooks.
    - Available 24/7, students can learn when and wherever is convenient for them. In most cases all that is required is a computer with internet access and a web browser.