About Hot Spot

Hot Spot is a new five-level course that identifies with the young teenager or 'betweenagers' age group. Bright and colourful, it makes the most of the growing identity of the young teenager through lively illustrations and photography.

Hot Spot provides up to 90 hours of teaching per level, including four core lessons per module plus a Welcome Lesson, Revision Lessons and Extra Special Lessons with fun games, projects, quizes, songs and plays.

For Scope and Sequence information or to purchase Hot Spot online, please visit the Macmillan English Online Catalogue.

Student Book

Each Student's Book contains seven theme-based modules, each made up of three double-page lessons, a cross-cultural skills lesson, a review section and an integrated skills lesson. The course follows a traditional and transparent grammar syllabus while ensuring that a balance of all four skills is maintained in every communicative lesson.

Providing a focus on the UK and other English-speaking countries, Hot Spot offers a wealth of culturally rich content that will interest and motivate young teenagers learning English.

Activity Book

Playing an important role in consolidating and recycling the language presented in the Student's Book, the Hot Spot Activity Book includes: a Learning Diary in every module, Fast Finisher activities, Extra Practice activities, a story and a word list organised in lexical sets.

Teacher's Book

With Interleaved full colour Student's Book pages, the comprehensive Teacher's Notes are clear, easy to follow and provide teachers with step-by-step guidance, additional useful information and extra ideas for teaching with Hot Spot.

The Hot Spot Teacher's Book also includes such useful items as photocopiable worksheets, a grammar summary with answer key, a CD-ROM full of editable Tests, cultural information, tapescripts. activities to help teach in Mixed-Ability classrooms and tips on teaching students with dyslexia.

Audio CD

The Audio CDs that accompany the course contain all the listening material for the Student's Book including language presentation points and activities, pronunciation features, vocabulary exercises and dialogue stories.