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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive a Macmillan catalogue?

No problem. Just send an email to the following address: requesting that you be added to the mailing list.

Who is the Macmillan rep and can they pay my school a visit?

Name: Iain Collins
Phone: +49 (0)7022 9949378

is your contact and would be more than happy to pay your school a visit.

Where can I buy Macmillan books?

You are free to buy at any one of your local bookshops. Please visit the How to buy page.

Is it possible to trial a course with my students?

This may be arranged. Please contact our representative (details above) for further information.

Do you offer teacher training workshops?

Yes, we can offer a range of workshops training teachers on how to best use our materials. Workshops on our dictionary CD-ROMs have, for example, proved very popular in recent years. Please contact for further information.