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Code Downloadable Resources

Code Downloadable Resources

Code_MontageCode Blue Companion Key
Code Green Companion Key
Code Red Companion Key
Code Blue B1 Lesson Plan
Code Green B1+ Lesson Plan
Code Red B2 Lesson Plan

Code Blue weblinks

Unit 1How to Collect Stamps
Unit 3Career Search : What Is the Right Career for You?
Unit 4Norfolk releases crime report
Unit 5Westfield Shopping Centre, London
Unit 6Polar Bears and Arctic Global Warming
Unit 7Home Schooling goes mainstream
Unit 8What To Do If You Are Being Bullied
Unit 10How to Surf the Internet With a Pocket PC
Unit 11Athens: Lonely Planet travel video clip
Unit 12How To Make Spanish Tortilla

Code Green weblinks

Unit 1Choosing a career
Unit 2Florence
Unit 3Study Tips
Unit 4The Solar System
Unit 5Copenhagen
Unit 6Picasso
Unit 7How computers work
Unit 8How to play table tennis
Unit 9Global warming
Unit 10How to make Arrabiata sauce
Unit 11Stolen duck
Unit 12Intro to shopping online

Code Red weblinks

Unit 1Dating Advice: Advice for Teens on Romantic Relationships
Unit 2Job Interview Tips for Teens
Unit 3High School Dropout Epidemic
Unit 42000-year-old computer recreated
Unit 5Super fast bike could revolutionize transportation
Unit 6This is Chicken? Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Unit 7Fashion Trends of the 1970s
Unit 8Fling Movements in Scottish Highland Dancing
Unit 9Beginners Guide to Snowboarding
Unit 10How to Advertise Effectively