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English Grammar Practice

English Grammar Practice

British English
Authors: Michael Vince and Lelio Pallini

With this book you have grammar, vocabulary and extensive practice all in one. This book is well suited to students frequenting biennio/triennio secondary schools. Written by the language expert, Lelio Pallini, it pays particular attention to the sorts of difficulties Italian speakers may encounter when learning English.

It is popular in universities and secondary schools, where it enables students to gain a solid working understanding in a short space of time through self-study, and amongst language school students who want to buy themselves a reference book to follow up with at home.

The two languages are systematically compared throughout, with all the examples translated to compare, and each unit offers a wealth of exercises which gradually increase in difficulty.

Key features

  • A separate sequence of vocabulary units, divided by topic and situation
  • Uses specially designed exercises to extend the students' familiarity with a variety of lexical sets
  • Many of the varied and high quality exercises that the book provides are especially helpful in preparing students for the PET and FCE exams.

English Grammar Practice ISBNs

English Grammar Practice + Key0333758242