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British English
To download the Result! Basics booklets with the extra activities for both levels, click on the following links:

Result! Basics 1

Result! Basics 1 - Scope & Sequence
Result! Basics 1 - Answer Keys

Result! Basics 2

Result! Basics 2 - Scope & Sequence
Result! Basics 2 - Answer Keys

Result! Basics 3

Result! Basics 3 - Scope & Sequence
Result! Basics 3 - Answer Keys (Coming Soon!)


Teacher's material

Download the Unità di apprendimento e obiettivi formativi minimi plus Result!- Percorsi flessibili:

    Unità di apprendimento e obiettivi formativi minimi - Result! 1
    Unità di apprendimento e obiettivi formativi minimi - Result! 2
    Unità di apprendimento e obiettivi formativi minimi - Result! 3
    Result!- Percorsi flessibili

Download the Result! DVD worksheets for each level. Available to download unit-by-unit in PDF format.

Student’s book

  • Let’s Start: a warm-up unit with listening, writing and reading activities, as well as work on pronunciation (repetition of sounds), allows for an initial testing and levelling out of the students’ starting points.
  • Everyday English: a page devoted to everyday expressions, with dialogues to read, complete, listen to and repeat.
  • Study Skills: brief tips in Italian draw attention to useful study techniques.
  • Idioms: the first level contains pages of cartoons to illustrate common English idiomatic expressions
  • Exam skills: a regular page in levels 2 & 3 provides specific practice for the licenza media and for external exams such as KET and Trinity.
  • English in the World: every unit has a section on the culture of the British Isles and the English speaking world.
  • Across the curriculum: all three levels feature pages devoted to CLIL lessons with simple activities linked to Maths, Geography, Languages (Vol.1), PE, Music, History (Vol.2), Art and Images, Science, and Nutrition (Vol.3).
  • Writing: a detailed section at the end of each unit is devoted to developing writing skills. Includes guidance on avoiding the most common pitfalls with supportive advice and models.


Plenty of grammar exercises are provided, as well as exercises on skills and grammar. There are also practice exercises for KET, Trinity and the licenza media. An audio CD is included with the workbook listenings and the dialogues from the student’s book.

Extra Book

This is included in the first pack and contains three complete graded readers, a series of graded CLIL projects and other activities for afternoon classes. The topics of the CLIL lessons follow the indicazioni nazionali, including the convivenza civile topics, and provide double-page lessons on such useful topics as map-reading, vocal exercises, first aid, visual communication, safety precautions, and home economics. The extra book also includes mini quizzes, a snakes-and-ladders revision game, conversation lessons, extra listenings and additional writing lessons. A CD is included with the listening passages.

Formative tests and Portfolio Europeo

An extra booklet provides teaching tests for each unit, and a portfolio with self-assessment support for the three years.

Teacher’s Book

Contains teaching notes, a complete guide to programmazione, extra suggestions and cultural background notes.

Class Audio CDs

Include all the recordings of the dialogues and listening exercises.

Resource Book

Tests for each term and exams for each year, as well as dramatizations of the three graded readers included in the Extra Book (Shooting Stars, The Canterville Ghost and Robin Hood).

Resource CD (included in the Resource Book)

All of the tests are in Word to allow for adaptations, and are already edited in two versions to prevent copying. In addition to the printed tests there is an extra test for every unit of the course, as well as pairwork activities, dictations, and translations.

On adoption teachers will be given three DVDs with interactive documentaries on British culture and a book of simplified exercises for students with special difficulties!


Student’s Book Pack 1:
Student’s Book/ Workbook 1, + Workbook CD1-Audio + CD-Rom + Test Formative, pp.48 + Extra!, pp.128 + CD Audio

Student’s Book Pack 2:
Student’s Book/Workbook 2 + Workbook CD Audio,

Student’s Book Pack 3:
Student’s Book/Workbook 3 + Workbook CD Audio,

Teacher’s Book 1, 2, 3

Teacher’s Book Resources pack (Book + Tests CD)

Class CD 1

Class CD 2

Class CD 3