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British English
Authors: Philip Prowse, Judy Garton-Sprenger, Carol Barraclough, and David A. Hill

The Macmillan course for the lower-secondary school, updated with the Riforma. Winner is based on a simple and carefully graded syllabus, according to the students' needs and ministerial programmes.


Winner explains grammar rules very simply and clearly. Moreover, each unit contains a Grammar Reference Box, Grammar Summary and extra exercises for the progress check.


This booklet will contain all a teacher needs to know to create and develop a language portfolio in conjunction with the Winner coursebook. An introduction clarifies what a portfolio is and explains its purpose to the teacher and student. In addition clear examples are given from the coursebook illustrating how easy it is to integrate the material in Winner to the language portfolio. Suggestions are made on how to involve students and parents in the creation and contribution of the language portfolio. The main body of the booklet consists of a ready-to-use portfolio complete with a passport, a table of competencies which are achieved in Winner up to A2 level, and a dossier section in which students can present examples of their work.

Key features:

  • Photocopiable Test Book to be used as tests in classroom or homework
  • A vast range of exercises useful for the exam preparation of KET and Trinity
  • Focus on skills: focused exercises to develop and support students’ skills, to get a better preparation for the Esame di Stato
  • CD-ROM with lots of interactive exercises. Use them during the ‘ora di laboratorio’
  • Audio material with songs by artists well known by the students such as Avril Lavigne and the Cranberries which will help students to exercise their listening and pronounciation skills.

Download your free Programmazione Unità d'apprendimento for all levels of Winner!

Winner ISBNs


Winner 1

Winner 2

Winner 3

Student's Book / Workbook / CD Audio978 1405 07189 5

978 1405 07198 7

978 1405 07206 9

Student's Book / Workbook / Audio CD / CD-ROM

978 1405 07187 1

978 1405 07196 3

978 1405 07204 5

Teacher's Book

978 1405 07193 2

978 1405 07201 4

978 1405 07210 6

Audio CD

978 1405 07191 8

9781 4050 7200 7

978 1405 07208 3

Test Book for all levels

978 1405 07212 0

978 1405 07212 0

978 1405 07212 0