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New Inspiration

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New Inspiration is a four level course for teenagers, perfectly suited to the Swiss curriculum and used in 10 Cantons by hundreds of satisfied teachers.

  • supports differentiation
  • CLIL focus
  • promotes cultural and multilingual awareness.
  • self-assessment checklists (CEFR 'can do') and level tests.
  • digital components for teachers and students
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Level 2 Starter Unit
Resources for Switzerland
Supplementary materials

About the Course

Introduction to New Inspiration

This webinar will give you a detailed walk through of all the course components and will introduce you to the key features and underlying methodology of the course. Recommended for all new teachers starting to teach with New Inspiration this year!

Extra Resources – An Overview and Guide

We often hear that Inspiration offers almost too many supplementary resources. It is therefore often difficult to keep in mind what is available and maybe even more so to select the most relevant ones for your class.

Individualisation and differentiation with New Inspiration

This webinar will give you an overview of all the features within the course that offer an opportunity for individualisation or differentiation as well as some basic techniques and ideas on how to make any activity either easier or more difficult within seconds.


Download the components chart

Download and try out a sample unit with your class

Download complete Scope and Sequences for New Inspiration

Level 2 Starter Unit

Introduction to the new Level 2 Starter Unit

Do your students find it difficult to start with New Inspiration 2 right away? We have created a brand-new Starter Unit to bring them up to the level in a few weeks’ time. Watch this webinar to find out more.

New Inspiration Level 2 Starter Unit Audio

New Inspiration Level 2 Starter Unit Teacher's Notes

Swiss Materials

Interested in using our Interactive Whiteboard software for New Inspiration in your school? Download the Classroom Network solution information and application form.

Tracking document for Level C students

Download our New Inspiration tracking document, designed to help you structure lessons which cater for all students and achieve the same learning outcomes for students of all ability levels. It contains suggestions for how you can work though the material of each unit, advice on what can be left out and additional materials that can be incorporated with direct links to where they can be downloaded.

Stoffverteilung Dokumente

Download Stoffplan von Zentral Schweiz (ZG, SZ, UR, NW, OW)
Download Stoffplan von Kanton Aargau
Download Stoffplan von Kanton Luzern
Download Stoffplan von Kanton Zürich

Mehrsprachigkeit Worksheets

Click here to download plurilingual worksheets for New Inspiration

Extended Student’s Book text

Click here to download extended student's book texts for New Inspiration


Please visit our official and free New Inspiration website to download the following supplementary materials:


For supplementary grammar, video and online resources and information on how they are mapped to New Inspiration, click here.


Find out about Readers for New Inspiration here.


Find out about our free resources on Onestopenglish for New Inspiration.


Please, note that subscription to Onestopenglish and New Inspiration Practice Online are available for Swiss Secondary Schools on a highly discounted price from the following local retailers:


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