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Supplementary Materials

Supplementary Materials

Here you'll find everything you need for extra grammar practice, video materials and online practice to use alongside our ministry approved courses New Inspiration, Top Deck and Here Comes Super Bus. In addition, don't forget to take a look at our readers and downloadable teaching resources from Onestopenglish.

New Inspiration

Culture View

Culture View is a great extra video and cultural supplement to New Inspiration! It consists of two DVD packs. Each pack contains a DVD and a CD-ROM. Each DVD covers six different topic areas with a documentary and a drama sketch for each topic. Each accompanying CD-ROM provides photocopiable worksheets for all the DVD material. These are worksheets at two levels – Standard and Higher – so that the videos can be used with mixed-ability classes.

Try Culture View out! Watch a sample video and download the Worksheets and Teacher’s Notes that goes with it.

Using Video in the Secondary Classroom

If you would like some ideas on how to use video with your students, then this webinar will provide you with a wide range of activities and ideas to motivate your students.

Download the Culture View Mapping document for New Inspiration


Macmillan English Grammar in Context Essential is an ideal grammar reference and practice book to accompany New Inspiration as it takes students from the traditional practice of grammar forms through to topic-based practice exercises.

Download Unit 1-3 Sample

Download Scope and Sequence

Download our Macmillan Grammar in Context mapping document for New Inspiration

New Inspiration Practice Online

Inspiration Practice Online courses provide extra practice for students, with a focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills and are closely linked to the syllabus of each level of the New Inspiration Student's Books. Moving away from the old-fashioned CD-Roms, this online solution has a number of benefits, such as no installation or software update problems, as well as the integrated Markbook that allows teachers to monitor their students' progress.

Download Inspiration Practice Online brochure for more explanation and details of this course component

Watch Video Tour - Student
Watch Video Tour - Teacher

Download New Inspiration 1 Practice Online content map
Download New Inspiration 2 Practice Online content map
Download New Inspiration 3 Practice Online content map - (coming soon!)

Download Inspiration Practice Online German Student Guide
Download Inspiration Practice Online Teacher Guide

Grammar Goals

Grammar Goals Image 2015

Grammar Goals is a six-level grammar series for young learners and an ideal supplement to Here Comes Super Bus.

Click here to download samples